All childminders must be registered with either Ofsted or a childminder agency. We pride ourselves on having a rigorous registration process, to ensure our childminders meet all the legal requirements.

Our registration process

Step One:

All childminders will undergo a range of suitability checks including an enhanced DBS check and health declaration to assess their suitability to work with children.

Step Two:

All childminders will have completed a relevant childcare course and hold a current paediatric first aid certificate.

Step Three:

Once all of the checks are completed:

We visit and interview the prospective childminder in their home to ascertain their understanding of the Early Years Foundation Stage and readiness to provide a high quality service for children and families.

Step Four:

Once registered, within their first year each childminder will receive at least one unannounced visit and a graded quality assessment visit. Thereafter they receive annual graded visits to assess the quality of their care, any training needs and plans for continued development. Childminders may also receive unannounced visits at any time if required.

Things to keep in mind when looking for a childminder

    • Choosing a childminder is a very personal experience. Whilst recommendations from friends are a good start, bear in mind your child is unique and the childcare you choose should meet their needs
    • Most childminders are parents themselves so many of their skills will come through their own experiences as well as any additional training they would have attended. It is useful to make sure you allow plenty of time to talk to the childminder about this and their approach to childminding
    • If necessary, book additional visits so you get a feel for the childminder setting
    • At the end of your visit take time to consider whether you would like to take the place, don’t feel pressured into making a decision there and then
    • Give the childminder a date by which time you will get back to them with your decision. The childminder may also be seeing other families and may need time to consider the best options for them and for your child
    • If you decide to go ahead, arrange another visit to look at the paperwork and arrange a settling in period. Ask the childminder to send you their policies and contract to look at before the second visit
Download our childminder checklist

Leap Ahead childminder Agency covers the Boroughs of Richmond and Kingston and the surrounding areas. We register and quality assess all of our childminders and provide regular support, advice and training to ensure your child receives the highest quality care. Search using your town or the first 3/4 characters of the post code area below to browse our childminders in your area.